NAWS Pet Medical Center

The NAWS Medical Center specializes in:
  • Low Cost Spay/Neuter Surgery for Dogs, Cats, and we also have Feral Cat Packages
  • Affordable Veterinary Services
We are not a full-service overnight veterinary hospital  with advanced diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound or specialty services.  We focus primarily on affordable spay/neuter  and minor surgeries, as well as general veterinary services.  Our goal is to prevent unwanted litters and to help offer affordable general veterinary care so that every pet can have access to preventive and basic health care.
In addition we provide discounted rates for NAWS Alumni Club Members, which are pets adopted from NAWS, and to pets from pre-approved rescue/shelter/animal control organizations, low-income individuals, and senior citizens.
Our veterinarians are all well-qualified doctors with many years of experience.
Both spay/neuter surgery and office visits are by appointment only.  You may make an appointment by calling us directly at (708) 478-5102, or contact us via e-mail at
100% of all veterinary service and club services profits are used to fund the NAWS pet rescue program, low cost spay/neuter and veterinary programs, humane investigation services, low income community pet food bank, as well as other charitable services. Thank you so much!!

Below are examples of our public prices for some of our services:

(Note - Rescue and Shelter groups should contact the clinic for their discounted pricing. Individuals that are on public assistance and senior citizens 65+ years young qualify for discounted programs, please contact us for more information.)

Spay/Neuter Surgery

Dog Spay/Neuter Packages - includes surgery, nail trim, post op pain medication that goes home with the pet, and e-collar - Package prices range from $128-$205 depending on weight and sex.

Pitbull Spay or Neuter Packages are discounted. Please contact us for pricing.

Cat Neuter - $60
Cat Spay - $75 and includes post-op pain medication that goes home with her.

Feral Cat Package - Contact us for pricing.

Note - Males are Neutered and Females are Spayed

General Veterinary Services


Dental Cleanings - prices depend upon severity of dental disease.

Discounted Heartworm and Flea Prevention.

Prices fluctuate based on product costs so we are not able to post all vaccine and product pricing.  You may call us or e-mail for prices!

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