We desperately need your help to save more "throwaway" pets from death row! 

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Humane Society of Illinois
a 501c3 No-Kill Humane Society
Humane Investigation for Cruelty and Neglect
Animal neglect and abuse is a prevalent problem in our country, and many times it is happening in your own neighborhood, perhaps even next door.
Illinois Law requires that pets:
- Receive sufficient quantity of good quality, wholesome food and water
- Receive adequate protection and shelter from weather
- Receive veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering, and
- Receive humane care and treatment
If you suspect that any animal is in danger of neglect or abuse, please contact NAWS' humane investigator at info@NAWSUS.org.
All reports will remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!
Please help us to help the animals in need. It takes all of us to make a difference.