Pet Grooming by Maggie
Members and Guests (including the Fraternity boys!) can enjoy being pampered and fluffed in our Salon and Day Spa!
Call us at (708) 478-5102 or E-Mail us  to make an appointment!
(Alumni Club Members receive discounts on all Spa Services)
Bubble Bath and Basic Groom - $25-$50 depending on size, hair length and coat condition.

Includes - Bath, Brush, Nail Clipping, Pads Shaved/Trimmed, Ears Cleaned/ Trimmed, Bows/Bandana, Perfume, and lots of hugs and kisses!

Full Custom Grooming with Haircut or Shave Downs - $25-$75 depending on size and condition of coat. 
Add-Ons to Grooming or Overnight Stays:
     Teeth Brushing - $5
     Brushing with Massage - $15
     Scented Facial Scrub - $5
     Mani/Pedi (with Polish if desired) - $12